We here at Brute Utes are the direct importer of our range of 4WD accessories so no middle men ensuring you get the absolute best deal every time

Because we install and supply 100’s of new car dealerships Australia wide we know the products need to not only look good but also fit perfectly fast

Have you ever spent 4 hours fitting an inferior set of flares? Then when you call the sales guys has no idea and says they should take 60 minutes?

We know time is money and the faster you can do a job right, the faster you can get onto the next one which makes everyone happier 

Our hardest job is sorting through all the products that look amazing in pictures to find the ones that will meet our standards 

We also create Custom exclusively branded  products so let us know what product ideas you want help turning into a reality 

If you’re a business currently looking to increase profits with high margin, easily fitted, popular products,  Give us a call to discuss how we can help today.